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Implant Sciences Patents

Implant Sciences Corporation currently holds the following issued patents related to explosives trace detection:

Patent TitlePatent Number
Explosives Detection System6,828,795
Cyclone Sampling Nozzle for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer6,861,646
Modified Vortex for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer6,870,155
Virtual Wall Gas Sampling for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer6,888,128
Flash Vapor Sampling for a Trace Chemical Detector7,098,672
Pulsed Vapor Desorber7,244,288
Photoelectric Ion Source Photocathode Regeneration System7,576,320
Trace Chemical Sensing7,574,930
Chemical Calibration Method and System7,709,788
Pulsed Ultraviolet Ion Source7,820,979
Flash Heating for Tubing7,994,453
Narcotics and Explosives Particle Removal System8,122,756
Real-Time Trace Detection by High Field and Low Field Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry8,173,959
Trace Particle Collection System8,353,223
Trace Chemical Particle Release Nozzle8,469,295