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Desktop Explosives & Drugs Trace Detector

Implant Sciences' Technology
The QS-B220 provides fast, accurate detection of trace amounts of a wide variety of military, commercial, homemade explosives, and drugs, with unsurpassed ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements. Incorporating Implant Sciences’ patented non-radioactive Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) analysis technology, the QS-B220 brings new levels of performance and convenience to desktop trace detection users.

Accurate and Efficient
The QS-B220 performs real-time detection with rapid clear-down. When detection occurs, the QS-B220 provides audio and visual alarm indications, including substance identification, on the integrated high-resolution color touch-screen. Authorized users can also access spectrogram display and analysis, administrative, and diagnostic tools through the easy-to-use interface.

inCal™, Implant Sciences' patented automatic calibration system, prevents errors that could result from an uncalibrated instrument. The QS-B220 monitors its environment and senses changes that would affect its analysis. No user intervention or calibration consumables required.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Operation and maintenance expenses are extremely low with the QS-B220. Routine maintenance consists of care and cleaning using common supplies and desiccant replacement as required.

No radioactive material is used in the QS-B220, so there are no associated certification, licensing, inspection, testing, transportation, or decommissioning costs.

  • inCal automatic calibration
  • Photonic (non-radioactive) ionization
  • Easy-to-use touch screen user interface
  • Low maintenance design delivers low total cost of ownership
  • Full range of detectable substances with user-expandable threat library


  • Very low false positive rate
  • Capable of rapidly detecting and identifying both explosives and drugs
  • Rapid clear-down
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Minimal maintenance requirements